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Unibet Ireland Sport

Founded in 1997, Unibet is no doubt one of the oldest sites to have graced the online gambling universe. Since it went online, this sportsbook has been spreading its wings steadily to ensure it serves sports betting enthusiasts from as many countries as possible. From a simple mobile phone betting platform to a full-blown innovative gaming website with a host of real/virtual Unibet sports to bet on and even a TV service for live streaming, Unibet has come a long way. And while the site has established roots in the Scandinavian world more than anywhere else, it is also the go-to for many punters in the larger European area, including Ireland, which is the focus of this writing.

Unibet Ireland

Committed to becoming the best betting site in the country, Unibet Ireland is undoubtedly in a world of its own. With this platform, the Irish have everything they need to access their favourite sports and place wagers on them. And not only does the site offer Unibet sports betting, but there are also casino games to play. Additionally, Irish players can use the so-called Unibet TV to stream live sporting events, just like their counterparts in Scandinavia or any other jurisdictions where Unibet operates. All aspects considered, Unibet Ireland is a force to be reckoned with on Irish soil.

Unibet Odds for Ireland

While Unibet platforms in various different countries may have differences, one thing that has continuously remained unchanged is the site’s commitment to providing bettors with some of the best betting odds out there. From sports such as cricket and snooker to baseball and football, Unibet Ireland offers excellent odds on virtually every popular game, ensuring that every Irish bettor has a chance to win decent money. As a matter of fact, not many betting sites in Ireland can be mentioned in the same breath as Unibet when it comes to odds.

Sports Covered on Unibet Ireland

Unibet’s Irish members, like any other demographic under the sun, have various different tastes when it comes to choosing sports on which to bet. To cater for these individual differences, Unibet Ireland offers a decent list of options for bettors, including athletics, basketball, rugby, football, tennis, baseball, and horse racing. Of all the sports available for betting, football comes first, and this is for obvious reasons. From lots of betting markets to impressive odds, football carries the best deals for bettors, not only in Ireland but also in other countries. That is why the site makes the sport easily accessible. In fact, upcoming and live football matches are usually the first thing that every Unibet member sees once they log in and click on Sports.

Friendly matches, cup matches, leagues, and other tournaments taking place all over the world are usually displayed on Unibet Ireland. Even though the major football tournaments (such as the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, French League 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, and the English Premier League) end around May, there are always matches to bet on. That means Irish bettors can make money or enjoy the fun all year round, as long as they are betting responsibly.

Here is a list of some of the most popular sports on Unibet Ireland:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Horse racing
  • Handball
  • Floorball
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Bandy
  • Athletics
  • Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Skiing
  • Motorbikes
  • Pool
  • Motorsport

Irish players who don’t want anything to do with sports can invest their money in political or TV show betting. This is yet another vast betting opportunity, which, when appropriately utilised, can help bettors to build large bankrolls. It’s all about understanding the odds and knowing where exactly to invest their money.

Virtual Sports for Irish Players

about-unibet-betting9Virtual sports are as popular in Ireland as they are in other countries. That’s why Unibet could not afford to leave its Irish customers out. Not only does the site allow the Irish to watch these sports; it also will enable them to bet on them. Watching and betting on virtual games is especially a saviour when there are limited real sporting events to watch or wager on, or when one wants to have a taste of something else other than actual events. The virtual sports available for members in Ireland include greyhound racing, tennis, and football. Horse racing and basketball enthusiasts are also taken care of. The odds on these types of sports are not any worse, which means that players have a fantastic opportunity to make real money.


Unibet Ireland Sports on the Go

With the Irish population leaning towards mobile devices, Unibet Ireland cannot afford to be mobile incompatible. Designed to be used on mobile devices such as iOS (e.g. iPad and iPhone) and Android (e.g. smartphone and tablet), Unibet allows the Irish to watch and bet on sporting events as they unfold, on the go. Watching and betting on virtual sports has also been made possible with Unibet Ireland. Hence, bettors need not spend the better part of their time indoors watching and betting on games, unless they want to. For the best experience, Unibet users in Ireland have the Unibet app via which they can quickly gain access to the platform and do what they want, without being disadvantaged in any way.

Live Sports with Unibet TV

Unibet also allows the Irish to make use of its TV service. TV services have for a very long time proved to be expensive, and the situation is not any better in Ireland. Instead of going for these services, Unibet members in the country can watch the provider’s TV service for free, just as it happens in any other country. The only issue (a minor one though) is that users will have to watch whatever is available. Of course, not every sporting event is up for watching here. So, Unibet Ireland members who want to watch Unibet sports live must find out beforehand if such matches will be broadcast live. But while Unibet chooses which events to broadcast live, the good news is that no single major sporting event will be left out. Hence, the Irish should not worry about anything in this regard.