About Unibet Live Betting


The betting world has evolved, and more changes are being introduced to players to make the game even more enjoyable. One of the additions which have made betting even more impressive is how sites such as Unibet, have brought in live betting as one of their features.

Unibet live betting allows you to bet during an ongoing game, and not regretting any missed opportunity for not betting on time. Basically, you can log in, find an ongoing match and place your bet on it.

Being able to bet on an ongoing game is not the only upside of live betting. The reason most users get excited about the existence of live betting is that it allows the players to change their bets when they think the odds are higher elsewhere. What this means is, if it is a horse racing sport and the user had placed a bet on a horse, and they suddenly realise it is lagging behind, they can change things, and put their money on another horse which they think has a potential for winning.

To find the Unibet live betting section, (also known as the in play betting section), you need to click on the “in play” tab which is located under the sports category. In this category, you will find several opportunities to place your bets on games that are being played from different parts of the world.

Most of the reviewers who have used the Unibet Live Betting site say that it is straightforward to navigate. The design of the website, and the green and white colour on the background, is what makes the site stand out. The colours make even small items on the site evident for people who are using small devices. An accessible site makes it convenient for people who are betting on a live game, as they do not have to spend too much time navigating the site and trying to find their way around.

On accessibility, Unibet live betting is also available on mobile phones. You can, therefore, keep placing your bets even when you are away from your desktop computer. The mobile app can be downloaded on Android devices.

Understanding Unibet Live Betting

One of the most visited and most popular areas in the Unibet site is the live betting section. On clicking the “in -play” button, the site opens up a series of ongoing sports and how much time is left. It also shows the scores, and other details, that would make it easier to make an informed decision on how to place the next bet.

There are several sports to choose from, and they even have games from different parts of the world. Having live betting makes players get more engrossed in the game, and allows them to bet whenever they are ready, and not have to wait anxiously and obsessively for the start of a game. It makes betting less stressful and more enjoyable.

Live Betting on Unibet Football

There is no denying that football is a popular game both online and offline. The attention it gets from the World Cup and European Premier League games solidifies the fact that people love the sport. Even on the Unibet site, it is still one of the most popular sports which people place their bets on.

To bet on football while using the Unibet site, players have several teams and tournaments from all over the globe to choose from.

Players who want to place a bet can check out the many available games, and bet on them by placing them on their betting slip. Once they have established the games they are betting on, they can proceed to pay for them.

Live Betting on Unibet Tennis

Just like any other live matches on Unibet, players who want to bet on tennis will find statistics of the ongoing game. They will range from the current scores, the profile of the player, their ranking and other essential details. These details help in making the decision on whether a player is worth betting on.

Live Betting on Unibet Basketball

Basketball is among the popular games where players are likely to put their bets. NBA is one of the leagues which is expected to attract bets. Clicking on the basketball tab will show all the games that are being played all over the world. If there are no games, then there will be a schedule on when the next games will be played.

Other Sports and betting events

Besides basketball, football and tennis, players have a wide range of sports to choose from on the Unibet site. Some of the sports include boxing, rugby, snooker and cycling, among others.

Live betting is not restricted to sports. There are ongoing events such as politics, entertainment and e-sports which players can place their bets on.

Using the Cash Out Function

When using the Unibet live betting feature, players can settle the bets they have placed, even before the end of the event. This function is in both the mobile and desktop versions. Players who notice that they are not on a winning streak can take the money that they have made and stop.

The Unibet cash out function is also useful for players who feel that their potential payout has gotten higher.

Advantages of Using Unibet Live Betting

  • Allows players to catch the game at different times of the event.
  • Gives the player some sense of control knowing that they can change their bet.
  • Easy website design which allows for better navigation and understanding.
  • Has several sporting events from different parts of the country.
  • Can be accessed on mobile through a downloadable app.


Betting does not have to be a stressful event and not managing to watch the game from the beginning does not mean they cannot be a part of it. The Unibet live betting feature hands the control back to players and allows them to choose when to join the game. It is one of the popular features on the Unibet site.